We are looking forward to getting to know you and to get into personal contact with you. Call us or make an appointment! Because we will neither accept nor accept unsolicited submissions of your materials! Please do not send unsolicited materials, either by post, email, uploads to our website, social network forums or platforms, or via any other means of transmission that we have not requested explicitly. This applies in particular to your ideas, materials, exposés , Treatments, books, artwork, and any intellectual property ("material").

Any unsolicited material will not be considered by us and will be destroyed or deleted unopened and unread. By submitting unsolicited material to us, you agree that the material is considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and that we, as well as the companies and persons associated with us, use the material for all purposes including filming, publication, Consignment, etc. and in connection with the development and evaluation of projects and products, with the exclusion of any business relationship and without any obligation to pay. In addition, you, as well as our affiliates and persons and our partner companies, are free from any liability or third-party claims for projects independently developed by us which are similar to your material.

Material requested is to be handed over to us in the way as it was arranged between you and us.


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