Public relations


PR and Marketing Services

  • PR, marketing and social media campaigns,
    artwork designing

  • expert acquisitions, targeting,
    influencer and multiplier recruitment

  • sales, distribution partners and
    co-production partners acquisitions

  • Press screenings, cinema and promotional tours,

  • Media Cooperations, Sponsoring

  • Event organizations, Media events and festivals

  • Set-Visits, theatrical releases

  • Contacts to the press, Press and industry lists

  • press clippings

  • press and information texts, press kits

  • Red Carpet, premieres

  • Creation of APKs, EPKs, teasers and trailers


marketing is art

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Professor for the film industry
PR-Consultant (PZOK)* | *PZOK, sponsored by Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher (BdP), Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft (DPRFG) and Gesellschaft PR-Agenturen (GPRA)